Hack Squat Leg Press Combo

Hack Squat Leg Press Combo

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Model: T28-1430 

Build a powerful and healthy lower body, increase your metabolism, and engage those abdominals with our Leg Press Hack Squat Combo! The #T28-1430 easily converts from hack squat to leg press with simple pop-pin adjustments in a matter of seconds. With built-in safety components, exercise confidently and safely while using the equipment. This combo also incorporates high-quality linear bearings that are specifically manufactured to provide incredible strength and effortless travel regardless of the load. Quality handles and wider padding offer ideal positioning for users of all sizes. It is also plate-loaded, allowing users to upgrade to any size weight plate suitable to their workout. Perform leg press exercises while being fully supported by the back pad and ensure the range of movement is shortened to prevent straining or injuries. In contrast, the hack squat helps to target all major muscle groups while positioned in a comfortable and stable space. Switch up your foot placement for emphasis on certain muscles more than others.


  • Made in Canada with high-quality North American Steel
  • Heavy-duty commercial grade equipment made with 11 and 7 gauge steel tube frame
  • High Quality 1.25″ diameter Thompson Linear Bearings and 60 Case Shafting ensures a smooth friction-free performance
  • Converts easily and quickly between a heavy-duty leg press and a heavy-duty hack squat
  • Two quality thick, adjustable shoulder pads to accommodate users of all sizes
  • Simple flip-in, the flip-out carriage release mechanism
  • One set of Single Piece Chrome plated loading sleeves (20″L)
  • One set of Weight Plate Storage horns (10″ L)
  • Compatible with standard or Olympic weight plates
  • Includes built-in safety catches for increased safety during exercise
  • Steel thread plates with Anti-Skid Coating: Leg Press – 18″ x 26″W and Hack Squat 24″ x 30″W
  • Pop-pin adjustments for the platform and back for better motion
  • High-Quality XLPE Foam pads provide both comfort and durability
  • Available in standard powder coat colors of spandex black or glossy white. Custom colors also available for an extra charge


  • Length: 97″
  • Width: 63″
  • Height: 60″
  • Weight: (640 lb) – (290 kg)
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