Panatta Lateral Deltoids

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Panatta Lateral Deltoids

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The Panatta Lateral Deltoids is a specific machine for the targeted training of the lateral head of the deltoid, which replicates the abduction movement of the arms that is typical of the exercise of lateral raises performed with dumbbells. Compared to the latter, however, the machine differs in functionality and ease of use, while offering a tension in line with the force developed by the deltoid over the entire ROM, which translates into a more effective work on muscle. The exercise performed from a sitting position with the chest in contact with the central padding eliminates back sagging, compensation and tension.




  • gas-assisted height adjustable seat;
  • independent levers for mono-lateral or bi-lateral execution;
  • physiological load curve with levers system;
  • spring counterbalance to reset the empty weight of the exercise levers;
  • movable handles lengthwise to adapt to every user.


  • 6 additional weight holders.


Width 125 cm
Length 130 cm
Height 165 cm
Weight 235 Kg
Max. Weight 220 Kg
Empty load 5+5 Kg



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