Plate Loaded Functional Trainer

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Product Dimensions: 280.8×189.8×229.2cm

Package Dimensions: 184.5×128.0×51.5cm

Product Weight: 163KG

Shipping Weight: 183KG

Sturdy 4-point contact system with oversized rubber feet Sturdy 4-point contact system with oversized rubber feet. Space-saving all-front design: 4-position press arm quickly adjusts to perform chest, incline, shoulder, arm and back exercises. Double-stitched, premium grade upholstery for longevity. 45KG aircraft-grade cable. Protective steel weight shrouds for safety

Main Functions:

This model allows users to practice basic exercises such as high pull, leg press,  standing calf and chest press. It is designed to help users strengthening their latissimus dorsi, deltoid muscle, trapezius muscles, musculi patientiae, calf muscles and more.