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Hip Thrust Bench – BOOTY BUILDER

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MODEL: T950-555 Plate Loaded Hip Thrust Bench


The T950-555 Plate Loaded Hip Thrust Bench/BOOTY BUILDER is popular for its ability to strengthen glute length, size, shape, and muscle. Improve your quads and hamstrings and help take the stress off the lower back. Enhance the mechanics of your hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Develop better form, execution, variation and added benefits during your workout!




  • Made in Canada with High-Quality North American Steel.
  • Commercial Grade Equipment with 11 gauge steel tube frame.
  • Designed to offer the safest and most effective Hip Thrust work out than anything in the world.
  • Suspended body position allows a full range of motion for hip exercises.
  • Horizontally fixed bar design with a round pad ensures the load is always flat and stabilized as well as offering comfort to your workouts.
  • Built-in safety mechanism means the load never crashes down on you
  • Adjustable footplate with height-adjustable pad accommodates users of all sizes
  • Comes Standard with Welded on Band Peg for adding Elastic Resistance.
  • Commercial Life Time Warranty on the frame and welded parts, 1 year on accessories and 6 months on pads.


  • Length: 36″
  • Width: 70″
  • Height: 24″
  • Weight: (190 lbs) – (86 kg)
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