Our Customers

As a leading provider of pre-owned commercial grade fitness equipment, we have become an attractive resource of solutions for a wide variety of budget conscious consumers.

Here are our key customer groups:

Commercial Fitness Facilities

This customer group includes full scale health clubs, personal training studios, group training facilities, athletic performance centers, community recreational centers, and more. These customers demand high quality equipment from a recognized manufacturer that is built for constant daily use in a high traffic environment. We only stock top quality equipment from the leading commercial brands, and we use OEM or higher quality parts to refurbish all items. This makes us a great choice for commercial buyers, and they remain our focus.

Institutional Facilities

Whether it is a school, military base, or correctional center, institutional facilities can really put a beating on their fitness equipment. These customers demand that their equipment can withstand extreme abuse, and they must know that replacement parts are inexpensive and readily available. We can offer equipment that is perfect for these customers, as all of our products are built to handle use and abuse. And by stocking the major brands, we can guarantee that replacement parts are readily available at a price that won’t break the bank. This customer group has emerged as a key market for us, and is growing each week.

Vertical Market

Included in this customer group are the non-membership based commercial facilities such as condominiums, hotels, physiotherapy/rehab clinics, and corporate wellness centers. The goal of these customers is to purchase equipment that will satisfy the demands of those who they must answer to! This would include the directors of a condo board who must stretch their budget, or the residents of a condo or hotel guests that expect a real workout experience that is similar to what they would find at their health club, or those employees who expect the same experience from the corporate fitness program provided by their employer. At the end of the day, our vertical market customers have the same needs for functional commercial duty equipment as any health club but they lack the budget required to afford the purchase of brand new commercial grade equipment. Our products are perfectly suited to the needs of these facilities.

Residential/Home Gyms

When the average person makes the decision to build a home gym, they do so with the intent of cancelling their membership. As a result, this individual must now purchase the equipment that they need to get an effective workout at home. More often than not, this requires a great deal of investment on their part. The average residential consumer is under the impression that a folding treadmill and multi-gym system are all they need to get in shape, what they don’t know is that most residential grade equipment turns into an expensive clothes hanger! The problem is that residential customers typically buy equipment that is “residential grade”, which means it is built for very light use in a home setting. This type of equipment is much smaller and much cheaper than commercial grade equipment, which sacrifices the comfort and function of the equipment. In the end, the equipment does not get used as intended and turns into a waste of money. The best solution is to stick with pre-owned commercial grade equipment, as it fits the budget and provides that true gym feel! Another important consideration is that commercial grade equipment will last for many years in a home setting, 10 to 20 years is common. Most residential grade equipment is built to last in a home setting for only 2 to 3 years.

Success Stories

As a result of our fully integrative customer first approach, we have built a large network of customers and industry partners who continue to promote our brand. You will not see our ads on television, or in the newspaper, or on the radio. We are dependant on customer referral to create future business, and we rely upon positive reviews of our products and services to earn new business moving forward.
Since 2000, we have helped more than 5,000 happy customers. Here are some of our greatest accomplishments:

  • Canadian Schools – We have emerged as one of the leading providers of high quality commercial fitness equipment to schools across Canada. Working with over 350 schools has helped us to learn the specific needs of this market, and we have tailored our approach to meet the needs of our school customers better than any of our competitors! We offer assistance to schools in the form of fundraising support, donation equipment, and facility planning services at no charge.
  • Rural Market Fitness Clubs – Over the last 18 years we have been employed to help build over 500 commercial fitness facilities in rural towns located across Canada. We understand the specific needs of these facilities, and we now have a loyal following of successful business owners who work with us ongoing. If you are building a facility in a town of less than 100,000 people, Keystone Fitness has the solutions that will meet your needs.
  • Emergency Services – Police Service groups and Fire Rescue groups across Canada have come to depend on us as a reliable source of affordable equipment that will stand up to their needs. Equipment that is used by these individuals must be built to last. And with limited budgets, price is always at the top of their concerns. We have become the leading resource for used commercial equipment to over 200 police and fire stations in towns all across Canada, and have been a leading supplier to the Ontario Provincial Police for several years.
  • Personal Training Studios – These smaller commercial fitness businesses really need to watch expenses, and often have a much smaller budget for equipment. Refurbished equipment is often the preferred choice for these entrepreneurs, as they must offer the same equipment that is available at commercial health clubs but only have limited funds to purchase such equipment. As a result of business planning services, we have helped hundreds of personal trainers to establish their own businesses and start making a living for themselves! If you are a trainer and want to branch off on your own, we can help you to start living that dream!
    Coming Soon

In the coming months, we will be featuring monthly success stories of our clients. These features will include photos and customer testimonials, please check in regularly to witness the impact that we Keystone Fitness is making.

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