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- All-in-One Smart Fitness Solution -

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The Future of Home Fitness

➤ Over 250 Strength Exercises

The XS1 uses dual motors that provide 250 lbs of tension and an integrated force plate that measures balance and center of pressure in real time.

Perform 250+ strength exercises plus advanced training modes including chains, perturbation, overload and burnout as well safety features such as Virtual Spotter.

➤ 6 Cardio Exercises

6 distinct cardio workouts – ski cross, rowing, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, SurfSwim & digitally controlled pilates.

➤ Realtime Feedback & Tracking

Observe real-time performance of power, velocity, load, and balance to improve your form.

Track your progress and share your gains and achievements with your friends!

➤ Immersive Classes & Programs

Access a vast library of pre-built workouts and classes allows users target specific muscle groups and perform tailored cardio workouts and classes to best meet your individual needs.

Available in Three Different Packages

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