Jungle Gym Cable Crossover- 4 Stacks

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Jungle Gym Cable Crossover- 4 Stacks

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  • Made in Canada with high quality North American steel.
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Equipment made with 11 gauge steel tube frame
  • Footprint (Approx) – 101″ D x 158″ W x 92″ H
  • 4 Independent Stacks allows multiple users to use the machine at one time
  • Dual Adjustable Single Pulleys (180 degrees free swiveling) for cable crossover with 150 lbs weight stack each.
  • High Lat Pulldown with 200 lb weight stack.
  • Mid Row with aluminum footplates of 300 lb weight stack.
  • A multi-Grip station in between
  • Comes with all accessories – Handles for cable cross, lat pull down bar and V handle for Low row
  • Lifetime warranty on all welded frames, 5 years on pulleys and bearings, and 1 year on other parts. Accessories such as grips, handles, etc carry a warranty of 6 months


  • Length: 103″
  • Width: 158″
  • Height: 91″
  • Weight: (1400 lb) – (635 kg)
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